Digital Minimalism: On Living Better with Less Technology

I’m reading DIGITAL MINIMALISM by Cal Newport, author of the excellent DEEP WORK. From the Amazon blurb: The urge to pick up our phones every few minutes has become a nervous twitch that shatters our time into shards too small to be present. Our addiction to tech leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. But it … Continue reading Digital Minimalism: On Living Better with Less Technology

California Typewriter

I finally caught up with the documentary feature CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER last night and now I’m obsessed with finding a good reconditioned typewriter (I have an old Remington Rand that weighs a ton, but I’m after a Smith Corona Silent or maybe a Hermes). This is the perfect documentary for the INFODUMP subscriber.

Ludovico Einaudi – Seven Days Walking

A great writing/reading/thinking companion, the first two albums (so far) in Ludovico Einaudi “Seven Days Walking” series - he’s releasing one a month for seven months - are sublime. From the Qobuz write-up: "After Elements in 2016, Ludovico Einaudi is continuing his exploration of nature with Seven Days Walking, the first opus in a collection of seven albums … Continue reading Ludovico Einaudi – Seven Days Walking