Building the site

Well, “building” is a bit strong because of how good WordPress is now at giving you workable templates that require no coding.

There is a little methodology worth talking about here, not least the fact that I finally got to try out Zengobi’s Curio as the idea space to figure out how I was going to do all this. I’ve actually now set up a “Daily” Curio project that has a workspace for general stuff, one for each of the projects I’m working on and one for the INFODUMP site. Within the latter, I stuck a to do checklist (I’m not all the way through that yet), some index cards with notes and reminders, the links I wanted to put on the blogroll, a link to this site so I could check it easily; just general helpful bits and pieces. I think it could prove useful to have everything in one place like this, it’s a little like having stuff spread out on a desk and being able to switch between desks at will. I also really like that Curio’s “sleuth” feature offers web searches, file searches, image searches AND DEVONthink searches all within the program and you can drag the results out on the desk and they just sit there being links for when you need them.

Back in my old blogging days I used Mars Edit to write posts and pages. My natural inclination was to go back to that but they’ve upped from version 3 to version 4 and decided to charge a premium for the upgrade, which seemed a bit of a stretch as I couldn’t really tell what they’d improved. Nonetheless, I downloaded the trial version and wrote a post. So far so good/exactly the same as the last version. Then I hit “post” and the app informed me that posting to a blog was a premium feature. I’m not convinced that doing literally the only thing you’re designed to do should be considered above and beyond the call of duty.

And then I remembered Blogo, the app I downloaded just at the point I decided to stop blogging a few years back. That’s still going strong but I had never really used it. So far, I’m happy to report that it’s brilliant. It’s simple as all Hell but all I want is something to write with and something that can handle attaching the occasional image, like this one (because you can’t do the internet without cat pictures):

Blogo not only grabs pictures super easily and just drops them in, but it knows that this blog allows “featured images” in header posts so, when I take this picture in, it asks me if I want it to be featured and adjust the dimensions to suit the banner. I’m not experienced enough to know if this is unusual, but I do think it’s neat.

Blogo also makes pasting in links and quotes really easy. I’ve heard good things about DESK, so I might give that a try too. Do any of you more experienced people out there have a similar app you’d recommend?

Back to business as usual-ish tomorrow – links on the Twitter site and posts on here that are more in line with the INFODUMP style (more mysterious disappearances, fewer cats). I think this may also become more of a “blog” than a “website”, by which I mean informal; more of a journal and maybe a little less of a broadcast – short pieces posted with regularity, interspersed with the longer stuff (like the old articles on here) when I have the time or the inclination to write them. I love that blogging and newsletters are making a comeback and I’m keen to see if there’s a way to build communities outside traditional social media. To that end, please feel free to leave comments, tweet me, link to posts on here, send me an email, join the Slack group etc etc.

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