As newsletter subscribers know, I use a lot of RSS feeds to find strange and interesting stuff to look at everyday. Now and then I try adding some standard new feeds to the collection but they update so frequently that you end up with thousands of unread articles in your feed reader and the whole thing becomes unmanageable inside two days. I’ve declared news bankruptcy a number of time in the past year. So now Feedly(iOS) and Readkit (OSX), my feed readers are just bringing in the art, science and weird stuff and I was, until recently, committing the cardinal sin of getting my current affairs news from social media.

But then along came INKL. To be fair, it probably came along a while back and I only just noticed it. Anyway, it’s a news app (free for the first month then, um, not free) on iOS that aggregates news from around the wold based not on popularity or clickbait, but on curation by some of the best news editors in the business. This is serious news across every topic you can think of, delivered to a really nice, simple app and free from paywall restrictions (presumably the news sources get a cut of the subscription fee). If you don’t want a particular news source, you can just switch it off and the app allows you to easily see articles for offline reading.

I particularly like the ability to “dive deeper” into a story; at the bottom of each article are a host of links to the same or related news stories, so you can get different perspectives on what you’ve just read.

In a world where real news is becoming hard to find and clickbait is everywhere you look, Inkl provides a refreshingly sober, unhysterical take on world events. You should check it out.

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