MYTHOS: The Medium Series

Having just got back into Medium, I’ve discovered that you can now do these strange little series things on there. They work best on a phone and are basically a series of text cards and images that you can build on over time. As an experiment, and because I love the idea, I’ve started one based on MYTHOS; the Radio 4 show I make which might soon become a TV show. The challenge I’ve set myself is to grab a photograph, either something I’ve taken there and then or something I’ve grabbed from my archive, and then to use that image as a writing prompt for a chapter of an ongoing story set in the MYTHOS universe. Who knows how it’ll go but it’s a fun thing to do on a phone while I’m waiting for a bus or sitting on the tube. Anyhow, I’ve started it and if you’re reading this on a computer or, better yet, a phone, you can check it out HERE.

The thing I like most at the moment is the “tilt” feature that allows you to look around a photograph when you’re viewing it on a phone screen.

For a flavour of the MYTHOS world, you can listen to my play FUGUE STATE on the radio section of my website HERE. Fugue State was a precursor/unofficial prequel to Mythos but I can’t share the first episode of the pilot itself because the BBC are repeating it this spring alongside Episodes 2 and 3, so I don’t have the rights back yet.

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