From the archive…

This morning I dumped an archive of about 1500 Instapaper articles into DevonTHINK, which caused me to start browsing through them. Some interesting film pieces jumped out at me so I thought I’d post a selection here:

‘The Parallax View’: Pakula’s Unsettling Examination of the Post-Compliant America

22 Rules of Storytelling from Pixar

Richard Linklater Talks BEFORE MIDNIGHT

Steven Soderbergh’s State Of Cinema Talk

Ethan Hawke: playing all the angles

Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Out of Sight’: An Achronological Time-Out from Conventional Crime Narrative

Approaching Menace: The American Pathology of Martin Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver’

‘The New World’: Terrence Malick’s Magic Portrayal of America’s Original Sin

Billy Wilder’s Rules for Screenwriters

Interview: David Fincher

Elmore Leonard’s Rules for Writers

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