I was going to write a whole thing on the ABOUT page and then I realised I’d said everything I wanted to say in the Welcome to the INFODUMP post, so I’m just reprinting it here:

I’m a writer and director working in TV, film and radio. Consequently I spend an inordinate amount of time reading strange and interesting things online and in books and watching or listening to a variety of different movies and shows. Partly because I wanted a record of what I was absorbing and partly because I thought others might be interested in some of the things I’d found, I started the INFODUMP newsletter.

Originally, the INFODUMP was intended just to be a series of links and recommendations of stuff I found interesting but it gradually morphed into something that was also about the process of researching and writing; the tools used and my methodology.

I found I really enjoyed putting the newsletter together and I got great responses to it. It was a refreshing break from the cut and thrust of social media; finding a small group of like-minded people who didn’t appear to be assholes. And so then people started talking about the resurgence of blogs, again in response to the shit show that social media has become (for more on this, see the post here on the Informaton Apocalypse) and I decided it might be fun to expand the INFODUMP into a blog. And thats this. Right here. Welcome…

So now we have the newsletter, which you can subscribe to HERE and which is kind of infrequent because it requires the most work, the Twitter account @INFODUMPposts and this blog. The blog will be a halfway house; more regular than the newsletter and more detailed than a tweet. To kick off, I’ve dropped a bunch of posts from my old, now largely defunct, blog site that seemed relevant and/or interesting.

Scroll around and if you like what you see, subscribe to the newsletter and Twitter feed. Comments are enabled for the moment and that’s because the feedback I’ve had on the newsletter and on the INFODUMP Slack community (email infodump@juliansimpson.uk if you want to be added to that) have been positive and interesting. I’d love this site to become an extension of that community and so I welcome comments and feedback here too. Should the below-the-line stuff go the way of most other below-the-line stuff ie. turn into a bunch of cyber chimps throwing shit at each other, I’ll re-think the comments policy. You can also get in touch with me directly via the contact tab up top.

This site is in its infancy, so any thoughts you may have on usability, bugs, annoyances, improvements etc would be very welcome, as would any interesting links, methods, inspirations etc you may have come across and want to share.

Julian Simpson